Denise Richardson

“ My reason first and foremost is because I love it! ”

.  . Artist Statement .  . 
"Besides painting landscapes, I like the challenge of translating someone else’s vision onto canvas, and at the end of the process they end up with an original keepsake.

My mission is to create affordable and original pieces for people who enjoy art and want to own a unique original piece...especially if it's a recreating a photo of their favorite landscape, pet, or big idea. Each piece I paint is one-of-a-kind. This gives each painting a personal connection to the client that stretches beyond aesthetic beauty.

.  . Biography .  . 

Denise is an acrylic and ink artist from Littleton, Colorado. She began painting in 2003 as a teen, while sitting outside her home in Utah, to practice capturing the Wasatch Range from different angles. After 15 years of sketching, painting, and college instruction, she grew to favor painting southwestern landscapes that included environmental abstract aesthetics and symbolism. She can usually be found around local parks in Denver with paintbrush in hand and listening to music.  "Several of my original acrylic paintings are displayed at the Silver King Hotel in Park City, Utah and have also been on display at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport."


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